Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Maltya Financial, Business Management, Research Capacity Building Services Company provides marketing advisory and marketing services with new strategies and international methods of marketing for all customers. We help our customers to use the new marketing strategies and methodologies to achieve target market, increase sales and customers.

At the marketing division, we provides the following services: 

Market Research Services 

Product & Services Promotion Plan Development 

Marketing (with digital marketing focus) 

Marketing Strategy Development 

Market Research 

Do you want to know what customers think about you? Does your organization need to know customer behavior? Did you reach to your target market? Market research helps to you find answer for all mentioned questions and allows discover the target market and collection information about consumers opinions, feedback and their interest related to your product and services. Additionally, market research helps you to determine viability of your new product and services.  We provide market research services for our clients to help them find out answers for below questions: 

Demand: Is there desire for your product and service? 

Market size: How many people would be interested in your product/service?

Location: Where do your customers live and where can your business reach? Where customers may go instead of your business? 

Economic indicators: What is the power purchase of your target population? Do customers are ready to pay for purchasing of your product/service? 

Market saturation: How many alternatives are already available to consumers in the market?

Pricing: What do potential customers pay for these alternatives in the market?

Market trends: What is the market trend for alternatives and the sector you operate?

Need market research? Please contact us. 

Product & Services Promotion Plan Development 

Business promotion and promotion plan development is one of 4 P’s of the marketing mix and part of marketing communication which reaches your target market. The main purpose of developing promotion plan is to help draw your target’s attention and make them interest in your product/services, generate leads, increase customers, generate demands and encourage them to purchase your product/services. 

It is important to consider the following roles of promotion: 

1. Build awareness – Making your target audience aware of your products and services. You must identify your target audience, your promotional marketing messages, and your outreach strategies.

2. Foster interests – Gaining leads interests in your business and show your uniqueness to differentiate you from competitors.

3. Generate demand – A well promotions plan makes your products and services desirable to your target population. Your promotion plan should share great features and benefits, and create an emotional connection with your prospect target.

4. Encourage prospects to take action – A well designed promotion plan should placing a call-to-action for your target. 

We design and develop our client’s promotion plan to generate leads and achieve sales target. 

Marketing (with digital marketing focus) 

Maltya Financial, Business Management, Research & Capacity Building Services Company provides professional marketing services for its client to help them achieve their sales target, customer target, develop their brand and achieve business goals and objectives. 

We have the most powerful marketing tools to help you in your marketing plan implementation. We approach digital marketing strategies to achieve our customers’ goals and objectives. Maltya Financial, Business Management, Research & Capacity Building Services Company has enrich marketing experience in the local market. 

We provide digital marketing services through below: 

Social Media Marketing 


Email Marketing 

Marketing Strategy Development 

Maltya Financial, Business Management, Research & Capacity Building Services Company provides marketing strategy development services for all entities across the country. Choosing the right marketing strategy helps you to achieve your marketing goals and objectives. Our experts are ready to customize and develop your marketing strategy based on your business needs. 

The main important point of developing marketing strategy is help business introduce their products to the new markets, helps business to recognize and enhance new sales opportunities within the current range of products. 

The marketing strategy plan is a strategic move to develop the current market instead of seeking new market. Development of market developing strategy requires the following points: 

Is the target segment of the market ready for your product? Do they need it? 

Is there any segment that you might have ignored?

Is the company prepared to undergo the market development process and implement the strategies? 

What is the ROI? Is it profitable at the moment to explore the untapped markets?

Our experts help you to choose the right marketing strategy that modifies your brand/ image in the market. The benefits of choosing the right marketing strategies is to growth your organization.