Capacity Building Services

Capacity Building Services

Employees’ skill building and development is a continuous process of each entity. If the employees do not continue professional development it might causes gaps in the organization. A continuous human resource development increase productivity and efficiency in the organization. Maltya Financial, Business Development, Research Capacity Building Services Company provides capacity building services for all entities across the country. Under capacity building, Maltya Financial, Business Management, Research & Capacity Building Services Compnay provides bellow trainings: 

Accounting & Taxation


Research & Survey


Proposal writing

Project management, and 

Sales & Marketing

Financial Software Training (including QuickBooks, ERP)

At capacity building division, at our approach, we do not simply provides trainings unless we do not conduct need assessment, gap analysis, and employer demands. 

For each training delivery we conduct need assessment and gap analysis. Based on findings of assessment stage, we develop training plan and training curriculum for delivery of training. 

At Maltya, no training will be start if the trainers not attend to a short course of training of trainers. At Maltya, we approach to deliver our training based on competency based training methodology. Moreover, in our method, our trainings are designed to be trainees focused rather than trainer focused. Our trainings are designed to be practical rather than theoretical to achieve training objectives while considering literacy level of employees. In our methodology, trainers are acting as facilitators and facilitate that trainees should learn by practice. Only 10% of the training would be theory. 

At each training, we make sure training curriculum should be designed S.M.A.R.T and trainees achieve training objectives. Moreover, Maltya approaches to develop training curriculum based on demanded skills (needed skills) and gaps exist at the organization.

We consider the following steps in developing of curriculum based on training methodology: 

1. Determining of training: For better result and achieving of the training result we need to identify whether the performance problem stem from individuals shortcomings in skills, knowledge, attitude or managerial action? This gap analysis to be find out what employers need and what employees offer. Based on specified criteria we will design the curriculum to deliver specific skill or knowledge (gaps) to improve employees’ performance by completion of the training.  

2. Identifying Measurable Job Requirements: Measuring job requirement helps us to define specific training topic related to the job requirements. This indicator will help trainer to measure at end of each training session whether the employee competence and able to perform the job or not. 

3. Determining of common competences. 

4. Creating instructional content: In our approach, under competency based training it is necessary to create instructional training material / content to make trainees be active while reading training materials. 

5. Determining of training result measurement: At each session of the training and training curriculum an indicator of training result and performance is necessary to be defined. This is important while developing of training curriculum and enable the trainer to measure and evaluate trainees to make sure whether they achieved the training objectives or not? 

6. Curriculum evaluation: Once the curriculum is developed it will be checked whether it is S.M.A.R.T or not. At Maltya, each training curriculum should be S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely).