7 - Years Of Experience


Maltya Financial, Business Management, Research & Capacity Building Services Co is afghan owned company registered under license number 35000 with ACBRIP in 2016. Also, Maltya Maltya Financial, Business Management, Research & Capacity Building Services Co is registered with Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and obtained TVET License as certified TVET technical training provider. Maltya provides accounting, financial management, financial management system customization and training, project management, tax clearance, tax audit, tax advisory, taxation training, proposal writing, marketing services, obtaining, renewing and cancelation of business licenses.

Maltya Financial, Business Management, Research & Capacity Building Services Co has several years of experience in financial management system development, tax clearance and implementation (Female Taxation /Tax Accountant Training, and financial management (QuickBooks)) training projects with USAID/DAI/WIE.


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  • We are Supportive

    We are always supportive and support clients under any situation regardless of price.

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    Quality is our first priority and concern. We are committed to deliver highest quality of at any circumstances with consideration of economic condition.

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    We are committed team that business’s goals and objective achievement of our clients matter to us. We try our best to help and support our client in their strategic achievement.

Our History

Summary of what we have done since our establishment in 2016

We provided financial management system development for 27 SMEs. In 2016 we conducted 3 researches in the areas of “Product development”, “Target market” and “SMEs’ Challenges in Export & Reaching International Market”. We successfully supported 25 startups in business license registration. Moreover, we developed policy & procedures in the areas of Finance, HR, Admin, and Procurement for 8 SMEs. We provided financial accounting and taxation training for 64 employees of 12 SMEs. In addition, we recruited 83 jobseekers in private sector under HR services. Under marketing section of our company, we provided digital marketing services for 16 SMEs. Under financial services, we provided taxation clearance services for 41 tax clients.


Client’s financial report overview


Research and survey project – Research initial finding analyses

We trained 100 Afghan girls in Financial Accounting, delivered bookkeeping services for 31 SMEs and provided taxation services for 76 tax clients. In 2017, we conducted 2 research projects in the areas of Market Assessment for Women Product & Need assessment of women owned business in Mazar, Herat, Kandahar and Kabul Provinces. Also, we supported 28 startups in investment advisory and business license registration. Additionally, we provided production packaging & promotion services for 19 SMEs. Also, we developed financial policy & procedures and HR policy for 7 SMEs. Under HR services, we recruited 68 job seekers in private sector.

We trained 100 Afghan girls in Taxation and Management Accounting under USAID/DAI/WIE under grant number GA-WIE-054. In 2018, we served 113 clients in taxation and accounting. Helped 46 startups with Business License Registration and financial advisory. Additionally, we conducted 7 research project for private companies in Kabul City. We delivered telemarketing and digital marketing services for 18 private sector. Also, we recruited 135 jobseekers in the new job under our HR services. Moreover, in 2018 we developed marketing plan for 14 SMEs, 11 HR policy, 3 procurement plan and 8 financial policy & procedures for SMEs.


USAID/DAI/WIE – Tax Accountant/Taxation Training Project- Financial Accounting training class


USAID/DAI/WIE – Financial Management Training Project – QuickBooks Training Class

We delivered QuickBooks training for 350 Afghan girls under USAID/DAI/WIE contract and served 181 tax clients. Conducted survey project “Roots causes of weakness/issues/problem of Women owned Enterprises” with Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce. Developed HR & Financial Policy for Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce. Recruited 82 talents for employers as part of HR Services. In 2019 we provided taxation and accounting services for 129 tax clients. Additionally, we obtained business license for 21 new startup companies. In 2019 we developed marketing strategies for 13 SMEs and provided digital marketing services for 81 private companies.

We delivered financial management system development for 50 SMEs (including 15 women owned). Delivered taxation services for 211 tax clients. Developed Marketing Plan for 25 SMEs. Developed HR Policy, Procurement Policy and Financial Policy for 32 SMEs. Delivered product design and packaging for 21 SMEs. Also, we recruited 47 jobseekers for 24 employers in the private sector. Additionally, we helped 19 new startups to register their businesses and conducted market survey for 4 startup production companies.


Client’s Procurement Policy, HR Policy, Financial Policy Overview


Client’s Tax Analyses and Calculation Review

Implemented Survey of 100 SMEs in Kabul, Balkh, Herat & Kandahar Provinces with USAID/DAI/ACEBA Feb 2021. Deliver accounting & taxation services for 180 clients. In 2021 we helped 4 new startup companies to register their business license in the first quarter of the year. We developed financial policy and procedures for 18 marble stone processing companies and developed product promotion plan for their sales promotion. We successfully recruited 29 jobseekers in the private sector. Also, under capacity building services we trained financial accounting, taxation training, and marketing training for 61 employees of 28 SME.